Life on the Farm: A Childhood Memoryby Chris Born-Long

In 1947, my parents bought an old run-down house outside Warren, Pennsylvania. For the grand sum of $750 they purchased the condemned two-story building and 10 acres. We lived in Chicago at the time, and the Pennsylvania "farm," as we called it, was to be our summer place. We spent that whole first summer there, roughing it as Dad restored the house to a habitable state. To learn what I mean by "habitable," you'll have to read on.

My memories of that time at the farm are quite clear. Sure, I was just 5 at the end of that summer, and it was more than 60 years ago, but I can see it in my mind's eye. Enhancing those memories is an old family photo album devoted to that summer, full of tiny old black-and-whites less than 2 inches square. I remember the camera that took them, an old Kodak box camera.

Mom and me in the swimming hole

Mom and me at the swimming hole

This photo memoir developed from that album. As I scanned the tiny photos and saw them enlarged, I found a second perspective. Not only are these my memories, but they also make a pretty interesting period piece. For my own enjoyment as much as anything, I decided to present them here. Whether you know me and my family, or whether you're just curious about bygone days, you might enjoy this nostalgia trip too. 

If you're so inclined, wander back to 1947 with me...

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