April 12, 2003—Along with thousands of others, Annie's Team once again joined the SafePlace Walk for Safe Families and Safe Streets, raising money and awareness to fight domestic violence and sexual assault in our community.

Annie's Team 2003 Our wonderful team worked hard to raise $11,000 for SafePlace, no small achievement especially in these tough times. Once again Annie's Team won trophies for most collections by a community team, and for the largest community team—about 100 of us in beautiful blue.

Walk Day always fills us with love, and this one especially so. Very special additions to Annie's Team this year were our daughter Emilie and her family. Em is the sister Annie never knew, with quite a story of her own. (Read Emilie's story.) She has moved to Austin with her three beautiful boys (our grandsons!) and husband Tom, changing life at Cactus Hill forever. All of our team enjoyed meeting our new family, and Em was overwhelmed by the emotion of Walk Day.

The crowd was estimated between 8,000 and 9,000, filling Congress Avenue for blocks as we marched up to the Texas Capitol. Annie's Team is in many ways a cross-section of the crowd—people from all walks of life, coming together with a common goal—to put an end to domestic violence.

Come take the virtual Walk with us, and catch the spirit. It's easy on the eyes and on the feet.

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