Walk 2002:
Annie's Team Breaks All Records

April 20, 2002—On this spring Saturday, Annie's Team assembled in Austin's Waterloo Park for the 15th Annual Walk for Safe Families and Safe Streets.

Ed leads Annie's TeamOur spirits were high, and our hopes equally so—hopes that Annie's Team would exceed our previous records and once again make a respectable showing for SafePlace. Well, "respectable" doesn't begin to cover it. This year's team raised $14,000 for SafePlace, doubling last year's take and once again capturing the title for first-place community team. We were 100 strong—the largest team in the Walk, and mighty stylin' in our bright jade shirts.

As always, Walk Day was a remarkable experience. Everyone was touched by the fellowship and community of this event, an assembly of some 6,000 people from all walks of life, coming together with a common goal—to put an end to domestic violence.

Come and take the virtual Walk with us. You'll be in great company!

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