Cactus Hill: The Cactus TourCactus Hill lies in rolling woodlands—oak and mesquite and what folks in these parts call cedar, but it’s really a juniper.

And everywhere the sun can shine through, there’s a cactus…at least one cactus, usually more. Some are fat barrels. Some are tall, graceful cylinders called silla de la suegra, or "mother-in-law’s seat." Some are prickly pears, with their big round ears. 

In the spring, all the cactus bloom. The barrels produce huge, waxy yellow flowers with bright red-orange centers. Rows of slightly smaller, more intricate yellow flowers appear on the ears of the prickly pears. And each slender silla de la suegra brings forth one gorgeous purple bloom for just one day each year. Then, in 2000, an imported Cereus brought forth huge, spectacular night-blooming flowers. And spring 2001 brought an amazing floral bounty to our oldest and largest cacti, giving them a fresh new look. For 2002, barrel cactus demonstrate their variety.

Take the cactus tour, and see for yourself. On each page, you will have the options to continue on the tour, view thumbnails in the Gallery and select one in particular, or return to this page.

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