Fabulous photos from Cactus HillThe digital camera comes to Cactus Hill, and we just can't stop snapping. The camera affords us a closer look at the ordinary things around us. We're tempted by an endless variety of subjects—myriad wildflowers each spring, the simple beauty of vegetables in the garden, delicate domesticated flowers and plants, and of course our pets.

The photos in this section are just plain pretty or interesting or unusual in some way. They're something apart from the people and critters you'll meet in the Family Album, or pictures of our indigenous cactus on the Cactus Tour

Begin with fabulous photos of our own gorgeous Cats, arranged in a slide show. Or perhaps you'd rather choose Wonderful Wildflowers, skip over to the Vegetable Garden, or review our gorgeous imported Blooms & Brambles

Fabulous cat photos in a slide show

Our photogenic felines star in a slide show.

Wonderful wildflowers

Spring 2001 brings the most beautiful wildflowers to Cactus Hill. 

2002 flower photos

How does the garden grow?

Common veggies 
in a new light

Blooms and brambles

Various imports, now living here at Cactus Hill, lend their beauty to the native landscape.

Visitors, you are welcome to capture any images for your personal, noncommercial use. If you are interested in using any Cactus Hill images commercially, please send us an email.
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