Pink crape myrtleMost Texans are familiar with the crape myrtle, a hearty plant that thrives in our climate. Crape myrtles come in many lively colors. The camera allows us a closer look at the delicate ruffled blooms.

Pink crape myrtle in Painter's Field at Cactus Hill

We chose two crape myrtles to plant in Painter's Field at Cactus Hill as our tribute to Ed's daughter Annie. One plant produces delicate pink blossoms, and the other a brilliant magenta. These colors were Annie's passion when she was a kid—the pink-and-purple phase of so many girls.

The pink plant is the larger of the two. Although the two were similar in size at the beginning, this one has far outgrown the other. However, the smaller one has its own special beauty. Next photo: The other crape myrtleNext photo: The smaller, more brilliant crape myrtle

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