Painter's FieldAnnie's everywhere!

Friday, August 15, 1997—Today Gloria Barnes, Annie's mother, arrived at Cactus Hill, bringing with her some of Annie's ashes to be scattered here in Painter's Field.

Gloria has been visiting friends in various spots on the eastern seaboard over the past few weeks, leaving small amounts of ash with people and in places that were part of Annie's early childhood. Cactus Hill is her final stop before returning to California. She also brought lots of photos and other memories of Annie. We talked late into the night.

This evening there were four of us: Ed and Chris, Gloria, and Chris's mother Anne Long. It was a warm, late summer evening. The wildflowers are gone from the field, but this summer everything has been very green because of all the spring rain. Painter's Field contains one small marker remembering Chris's father, Bob Long, for whom the little glen is named, and whose ashes are also scattered there. We strolled quietly around the field, each of us lost in thought. We're lost in thought a lot these days...