Angel's wings  

Below is a log of the virtual memorial held in Internet Relay Chat on the Undernet. We called our chat room #Annie. If you are not accustomed to chat room conversation, it might take you a while to "get the beat." At the beginning, people are making introductions, and then we move into talking about Annie. So press on—you'll meet some fine folks here.

Session Start: Tue Jul 15 15:56:33 1997

*** Now talking in #annie

*** RachH sets mode: +nt

<Zarathust> Hello CactusEd

<RachH> There.

<RachH> Hi, trishj.

<CactusEd> Howdy

<trishj> Hi, folks!

<AiryPuppy> good job ed

<Zarathust> hi trishie!

*** CactusEd sets mode: +o trishj

<trishj> 0,4{{{{{{{{{{{{ ZARMYSWEETTEXAN }}}}}}}}}}}}

<trishj> Thanks, Ed!

*** Grrrrrr has joined #Annie

<CactusEd> Rach - Meet Trish

*** Ysidro has joined #annie

<RachH> Hi, Trish.

<Ysidro> wow

<trishj> Hello Rach. Good to meet you.

* Zarathust {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Trishiemysweetbabydoll}}}}}}}}


<Ysidro> look at all of us

<trishj> Hi, ysidoll!

<Ysidro> :)

*** Grrrrrr has quit IRC (Leaving)

<RachH> Ysidro: I'm also representing my husband, who can't attend due to work.

<RachH> So I'm two in one.

<Ysidro> heh

<RachH> And our cats would probably want to be included.

<Ysidro> well you don't look it

*** trishj sets mode: +oo Zarathust Ysidro

<RachH> Ysidro: Clean thoughts.

<Ysidro> hey, my thoughts are always clean

<Ysidro> just ask trish

<RachH> Ysidro: So're mine. I just choose how I want to define "clean."

<trishj> choking:::

<Ysidro> problem trishy?

<CactusEd> AiryPuppy is a friend I'd like you all to meet

<Ysidro> need the heimlich?

<CactusEd> A great young man

<Ysidro> hello AP

<RachH> Hi, AP.

* AiryPuppy waves

<AiryPuppy> hello, all

<trishj> Hi, AirP

<Zarathust> hi there AiryPuppy

<AiryPuppy> hiya

<CactusEd> And RachH is our great friend here in Austin

* RachH waves.

<CactusEd> She met her husband on the net

<RachH> Ed: IRC, even. :)

<trishj> Ed, if you don't mind, every so often I'm going to flash the url to Annie's website.

<CactusEd> Please

<trishj> So people can go see her.

<CactusEd> Thanks to Fawnn

<CactusEd> And Trish


<RachH> Trish: If you don't mind, my husband & I host/maintain a "bulletin board" webpage where some mutual friends have been watching for info about Annie.

<RachH> Trish: Could I link to that?

<trishj> You bet.

<CactusEd> Rach and Casey - these other folks are from #authors

<trishj> brb

* RachH scribbes.

<AiryPuppy> nice to meet you guys

<Zarathust> nice to meet you AiryPuppy

<RachH> scribbles, even.

<RachH> AP:Mutual.

*** Donovan- has joined #annie

<RachH> Hi, Donovan.

<Ysidro> umm, this is gonna sound silly....

* Donovan- quietly steps in

<Ysidro> but what's the date?

<RachH> Ed: You remember Donovan from our wedding?

<CactusEd> Can I tell a story about Annie?

<CactusEd> Yes

* RachH listens.

<CactusEd> Hi Donovan

<Donovan-> Hi Ed

<CactusEd> I'll bet you have heard it Rach

* Donovan- listens.

<CactusEd> Annie was 3

<CactusEd> She was sitting between me and the Tv

*** trishj sets mode: +o Donovan-

<CactusEd> on the floor playing with toys

<CactusEd> Suddenly she looks right at me sort of startled

<CactusEd> and asked with that pure look of wonder on her face

<CactusEd> "Daddy, did you smell that noise?"

<trishj> LOL!!!!!!! Awwww!

* RachH laughs.

<Ysidro> !

<Ysidro> :)

<CactusEd> I will never forget it

<Zarathust> awww

* Donovan- grins

<CactusEd> and she always forbade me to tell it

<trishj> Awww...

* RachH has some childhood stories she wished her father wouldn't share outside the family.

<CactusEd> but she did bring it up and it always got told

<RachH> *laugh* Awwww.

<Ysidro> hehe

-> -cactused-<Private Message from trishj> Want to try

sending me that dcc again?

<trishj> Is Chris with you, Ed? If so, Hi, Chris!

<CactusEd> Boy - is she

* trishj waves and blows a kiss to Chris

<CactusEd> And she is on her computer finishing the text of the story that Gloria wrote

<CactusEd> The Oz story

<RachH> Ed: Where are you going to put that when she's done?

<trishj> Awww...

<CactusEd> At space and a half, it will be 20 pages or so

<CactusEd> Gloria said we could release it to the net so you tell me

<RachH> Ed: *shrug* Well, the Cactus Hill homepage could serve, no?

<CactusEd> Yes - Eric will do it as soon as he gets it

*** trishj is now known as trish-brb

<RachH> Ed: *nod* Drop us mail when it's done--we'd like to see that.

<CactusEd> Or I could send it as a word attachment to any who want it

<RachH> Ed: If it's that big, some providers might balk at accepting it.

<CactusEd> It is written without edits or scratchouts. One time through

<CactusEd> Chris says that it is interesting

* RachH looks forward to seeing it.

<CactusEd> I can't wait to read this whole thing

<CactusEd> The best thing was said to me by a friend who has seen Annie and I visit over ten years

<CactusEd> He said that when he remembers seeing us we were always smiling

<CactusEd> And he is right

<CactusEd> We had fun together

<RachH> Ed: *smile* That's a good memory to have.

<CactusEd> I am lucky that all my memories of her are good

<Ysidro> ok, i'm gonna go check on dinner, but i'll be back after then

<Ysidro> probably five

*** Ysidro has left #annie


has joined #Annie

<KNIGHT> Hello?

*** CactusEd sets mode: +o KNIGHT

<RachH> Hi, Knight.

<CactusEd> Howdy

<Donovan-> Heya Knight

<KNIGHT> Hello RacH.

<KNIGHT> Hello Donovan.

*** ToonVoice  has joined #annie

<RachH> Hi, ToonVoice.

<ToonVoice> Hello, RachH, and all others.

*** trish-brb sets mode: +o ToonVoice

*** trish-brb is now known as trishj


<AiryPuppy> guys.....I have to deliver papers now - I will try to be back as soon as I can.

* Donovan- must wander off to do things

<trishj> Hmmm, net's a little lagged. Is everyone on lowell?

<RachH> Bye, Donovan. Give my best to Guen.

<Donovan-> Later folks

*** Donovan- has quit IRC (Change is inevitable. Except from a vending machine.)

<RachH> Trish: here.

*** AiryPuppy is now known as AirAway

* trishj hugs Zar just to see if he's awake.

* Zarathust hugs trishie right back

<trishj> :) :) )

<trishj> I found a short passage from Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet I'd like to share. For all of Annie's friends.

*** AirAway has quit IRC (

*** ToonVoice has quit IRC (

*** RachH has quit IRC (

*** CactusEd has quit IRC (

<Zarathust> what a lousy time for a net split

<trishj> "On Friendship" "When you part from your friend, you grieve not; For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain. And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit...For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning, and is refreshed.

<trishj> I'm just going to post it so I can cut and paste

it again.

<Zarathust> that is so perfect

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*** sets mode: +ooooo

CactusEd AirAway RachH ToonVoice pogocat

*** Ysidro has joined #annie

*** trishj sets mode: +o Ysidro

<trishj> Wowza, that was some nuke!

<Zarathust> Hi again everyone

<trishj> Welcome back, all.

<Ysidro> nuke?

<trishj> Splat. Split. Bomb.

<Ysidro> ah

<CactusEd> Hello - trish?

<trishj> I'm here, Ed.

<trishj> You can't see me?

-> [#annie] PING

<CactusEd> The way you were making noises

* pogocat is afk

<CactusEd> I thought you were running out of gas

<trishj> Oh...

<CactusEd> He He

<Zarathust> lol

<CactusEd> Did you ever get my letter?

*** RachH-  has joined #annie

<trishj> :) comment.

<RachH-> Stupid server.

<trishj> WHich one?

<trishj> You mean snail mail one? If so, no.

<trishj> I received the poem, though.

* RachH- quietly makes her way back in.

<CactusEd> It was that taco grease

<Ysidro> trish has gas?

*** trishj sets mode: +o RachH-

<Ysidro> hello Rach

*** RachH- sets mode: -o RachH

*** RachH was kicked by RachH- (RachH-)

<CactusEd> some postal employee ate it

<RachH-> I hate having another me around.

<trishj> I have your address, so not to worry, the you-know-what is in the mail tomorrow.

<CactusEd> You OK Rach

<CactusEd> ?

<trishj> Sorry, Rach, didn't see the both of you.

<RachH-> Ed: Yeah ... just annoyed at eden for a mo.

*** pogocat is now known as shadowcat

<shadowcat> !woeM

<RachH-> Trish: No prob.

<trishj> Okay, I think most of you missed my last posts, so I'm going to paste them in.

<RachH-> Ed: The memorial page is very nice.

<trishj> trishj> I found a short passage from Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet I'd like to share. For all of Annie's friends.

<CactusEd> trish but that means that the "you don't know what" is "we don't know where" Right?

*** RachH- is now known as RachH

<trishj> <trishj> "On Friendship" "When you part from your friend, you grieve not; For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain. And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit...For in the dew of little things the

heart finds its morning, and is refreshed."

* CactusEd listens

*** treetop has joined


*** trishj sets mode: +o treetop

<trishj> Hi, tree!!!!

<Ysidro> tr!

<treetop> lo trish, kids :)

<RachH> Hi, treetop.

<Zarathust> hi treetop!

<CactusEd> Howdy Treetop

<treetop> hi ed. {{Ed}}

<CactusEd> Thank you all for coming

*** CactusEd is now known as TheCacti

<trishj> But of course, Ed. And now Chris.

<TheCacti> Two voices speaking as one.

*** cheri1 has joined #Annie

*** cheri1 has left #Annie

<trishj> Why don't you start off with another fun story about Annie, Ed? The last one was adorable.

<TheCacti> Annie starred in two plays at the Mountain Community Theater in her home town of Ben Lomond, Cal.

<TheCacti> She was "Peter Pan"--most appropriate, don't you think?

<TheCacti> The theater director said she was "the glue that held it all together." A lot like her Dad.

<TheCacti> (Guess who said THAT!)

<RachH> Heh.

*** margie 

has joined #annie

<TheCacti> She also starred in "Once Upon a Mattress."

<TheCacti> Tonight, everyone is meeting at the theater to watch videos of Annie--in performance, up close and personal, whatever.

<TheCacti> They don't think they'll have enough seats.

<treetop> ahhhh, neat.

<margie> :)

* RachH nods approvingly.

<TheCacti> Here's a good example of Annie's spirit.

<trishj> Awwwww!

<shadowcat> what a neat idea

<TheCacti> Once when she was ten, she visited us, and Ed was working in Houston, reroofing the AstroHall.

*** trishj sets mode: +o margie

<TheCacti> Annie spent a couple of weeks with him, sharing an apartment with one of his workers and his wife.

<TheCacti> One day everyone was going to Water World, and Brenda (the worker's wife) didn't have a swimsuit. So first they stopped at K-Mart.

<TheCacti> Brenda, not being all that decisive, wandered aimlessly around the swimsuit department, with Annie.

<TheCacti> After a few minutes of that, Annie started pulling swimsuits off the rack and said, "Here, Brenda, try these on!"

<TheCacti> She was a take-charge kinda kid.

<treetop> :))

<TheCacti> Even at ten years old.

<trishj> Awwww LOL!

<margie> :)



<TheCacti> Last Saturday, Annie's friends held a carwash in Fresno in her memory.

* shadowcat smiles

*** AirAway has quit IRC (Los-Angeles-R.CA.US.Undernet.Org

*** Elrikan has

joined #Annie

<TheCacti> They raised more money (in four figures) than had ever been done in Fresno.

*** trishj sets mode: +o Elrikan

<trishj> Amazing.

<Ysidro> hey el

<TheCacti> As many as 30 cars were waiting at once, and some people came up and handed in their money, saying "I don't have time for the car wash, but I want to contribute."

*** GriffJon has joined


<trishj> Hi, El!

*** TheCacti sets mode: +o GriffJon

<RachH> Hey, GJ.

<Elrikan> hey Trish, Ys......

* GriffJon apologizes for his tardiness

<Ysidro> wow

<treetop> And all the cars were the better for being

"anniealed" (armoraled) :)

<TheCacti> GJ, you're just in time!

<TheCacti> I'll bet you're right, tree!

*** friday1 has joined #Annie

*** AirAway has joined #Annie

*** sets mode: +o AirAway

<margie> I wanted to drop in and tell you Craig and I love you and Ed...our prayers are with you all.

<trishj> Hi, friday! WB Airaway.

<TheCacti> Right now, the non-virtual service is taking place at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Ben Lomond.

* Sound request: can't find [angels3.wav]

* margie 4sends angels to watch over 13 TheCacti 14 ~Å~ ~Å~ ~Å~

7 TheCacti 14 ~Å~ ~Å~ ~Å~ 3 TheCacti 14 ~Å~ ~Å~ ~Å~ 9

TheCacti 14

~Å~ ~Å~ ~Å~ 

*** margie 

has left #annie

<RachH> TheCacti: In that case, could I offer something, courtesy of my stepmom the Episcopal priest?

<friday1> ed, i just heard. i'm so sorry

<TheCacti> Thanks Margie.

<TheCacti> Go, Rach

<RachH> This is from the Book of Common Prayer.

*** TheCacti sets mode: +o friday1

<RachH> O God of grace and glory, we remember before you this day our sister Annie. We thank you for giving her to us, her family and friends, to know and love as a companion on our earthly pilgramage.

<RachH> In your boundless compassion, console us who mourn.

*** omso 

* TheCacti send love to Rachel.

<omso> salut belle annie

<RachH> Give us faith to see in death the gate of eternal life, so that in quiet confidence we may continue our course on earth..

*** trishj sets mode: +o omso

<RachH> ...until, by your call, we are reunited with those who have gone before; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

<RachH> Amen.

*** yum-yum has joined #Annie

<TheCacti> Amen

<Zarathust> Amen

<shadowcat> Amen

<trishj> WOnderful, Rach.

<RachH> And there's an appropriate postscript on the next page:

<trishj> Ed, would it be okay if I pasted in the poem you sent me last night?

<TheCacti> It's now the time for one minute of silence. brb

<RachH> Most merciful God, whose wisdom is beyond our understanding:

<RachH> Deal graciously with Ed, Chris, and Gloria in their grief.

<RachH> Surround them with your love, that they may not be overwhelmed by their loss, but have confidence in your goodness, and strength.

<RachH> to meet the days to come.

<RachH> Amen.

<Zarathust> Amen

<shadowcat> Amen

*** ElrikanIV has

joined #Annie

*** yum-yum has left #Annie

* RachH sits back down.

<TheCacti> Trish-yes

*** Lisa18 has joined #Annie

<Lisa18> hi

*** TheCacti sets mode: +o ElrikanIV

*** TheCacti sets mode: +o Lisa18

<treetop> welcome lisa

<trishj> Good-bye Annie

<trishj> Your gentle face and patient smile,

<trishj> with sadness we recall, you had a

<trishj> kindly word for each, and died beloved

<trishj> by all. The voice is mute and stilled

<trishj> the heart , that loved us well and

<trishj> true, ah, bitter was the trail to part,

<trishj> from one so good as you. You are not

<trishj> forgotten Annie, nor will you

<trishj> ever be, as long as memory lasts, we

<trishj> will remember thee. We miss you now,

<trishj> our hearts are sore, as time goes by

<trishj> we'll miss you more. Your loving smile,

<trishj> your gentle face, n

<trishj> Uh oh!

*** omso has left #Annie

<TheCacti> None can fill your vacant place

<Ysidro> :)

<trishj> we'll miss you more. Your loving smile,

<trishj> your gentle face, no one can fill your

<trishj> vacant place.

<trishj> Sorry, I guess there's a buffer.

<trishj> It's a beautiful poem, Ed.

<Zarathust> that was beautiful

*** Fawnn has joined


<treetop> the poem is the buffer here :)

<TheCacti> Sure fits on a day like this.

<treetop> nicely done :)

*** trishj sets mode: +o Fawnn

<Ysidro> hi Fawnn

<Fawnn> hi all

<trishj> Hey, Fawnn!

<TheCacti> (((((((((((((((((((((Fawnn))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

<Zarathust> Hi Fawnnie!

<shadowcat> Hi Fawnn

<Fawnn> awwwwww thanks {{{{{{{{{{TheCacti}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

<TheCacti> The page is beautiful. Thank you *so* much.

<Fawnn> Ed: I haven't yet had a chance to add that picture to Annie's page, but I will asap

<Fawnn> you're soooooo welcome

<trishj> It is beautiful.

<TheCacti> The other night we were watching some videos of Annie.

<TheCacti> Actually copying them to send to Gloria.

<trishj> Speaking of which...



*** BillGawne has joined #annie

<TheCacti> Three years ago, Annie was here for our Century Party.

<TheCacti> Celebrating our fiftieth birthdays.

* RachH waves at Bill.

*** trishj sets mode: +o BillGawne

<TheCacti> Annie did all the decorations, and we got a lot of good video of her both before and during the party.

* BillGawne waves quietly back

<TheCacti> What a treasure that tape has become!

<Fawnn> I imagine so.

<TheCacti> Hi Bill. Nice to see you.

<trishj> Awww, of course.

<BillGawne> Hey Ed, Chris...

<TheCacti> Not to mention, it was a great party!

<BillGawne> Are both of you there?

<TheCacti> Yes, we're both of us.

<BillGawne> *nod* My condolences on your loss. I have a daughter of a similar age, you know.

<TheCacti> Let us tell you about the story Annie has written since she died. Got your interest?

<trishj> Oh, yes!

<TheCacti> Thanks Bill.

<Fawnn> absolutely

* BillGawne listens

* shadowcat listens

<TheCacti> Annie came to Gloria, her mother, a few days after she died and said she had a story she wanted her mother to write down for her.

<TheCacti> Gloria couldn't find any paper, but Annie told her where it was.

<TheCacti> There were forty-seven sheets of paper.

<TheCacti> When Gloria had finished writing, she had used exactly forty-seven sheets.

<treetop> wow.

<TheCacti> She faxed it to us for transcription.

<TheCacti> There was not one edit--no cross-outs, no

corrections, no rewrites.

* RachH shivers.

<TheCacti> Just straight through.

<Fawnn> wow

<TheCacti> It's very cohesive, not to mention interesting.

<Ysidro> wow

<TheCacti> The basis of the story, without blowing it, is "The Wizard of Oz."

<TheCacti> Annie is, of course, Dorothy.

<BillGawne> Ed: What's it about? If you don't mind...

<BillGawne> Oh.

<TheCacti> Charles Kuralt is the Cowardly Lion.

<TheCacti> Jimmy Stewart is the Scarecrow.

<treetop> perfect. :)

<TheCacti> And Robert Mitchum is the Tin Man

<trishj> Expensive cast! :)

<ToonVoice> Peace.

<treetop> treehe

<TheCacti> It's quite a fantasy. Might make a decent children's story.

<TheCacti> Yes, Trish, very expensive, especially now!

<trishj> MUCH more so now. :)

<treetop> watch for the metaphors cactis', the other side of the veil writes in many layers :)

<TheCacti> Yes, I'm beginning to believe that!

<TheCacti> No matter how you believe, it appears Annie has reached out to help her mother through this.

<trishj> And everyone who loved her, Ed/Chris. Look at how folks pulled together in their grief and showed such heart and caring.

<TheCacti> Any who want a copy, it's currently in Word 7.0, but I can easily make a .txt file or whatever. 

<treetop> <--has studied this lots and has learned the first order of business after crossing the veil is a celebration for the new arrival. We're seen as hero's by the other side for the difficulty of our assignments here :)

<RachH> Ed/Chris: You mentioned a fund-raising car wash in her memory ... where's the money going?

<TheCacti> The money went to Gloria, per Ed's wishes.

<RachH> Ed: *nod*

<RachH> Ed: Any other memorial plans in the works?

<TheCacti> Nothing specific. Annie has been cremated, and the ashes will be divided. We'll scatter our half in Painter's Field here at Cactus Hill.

<RachH> *nod*

<Fawnn> Ed, Chris: FYI ... I just emailed Ed's favorite picture of Annie to Elrkan; he's going to prepare a special page for it and we'll link the pages back and forth

<TheCacti> Also, as Trish points out, there's her lovely page.

<TheCacti> Thanks, you guys. That's great.

<shadowcat> Fawnn: I have added a page to the #Callahans pages also

<TheCacti> We'll also have a section on our Web site.

<Fawnn> email the url info to [snipped] please, shadowcat

<treetop> our assignment here is to spread more light to all on earth. Annie was so good at it, she got to go home early. :)

<TheCacti> Treetop, we sure like the way you think! That's so perfectly true.

<shadowcat> Fawn: will do

<Fawnn> ok; I'll paste now ... update won't be until El's page is done later (I apologize; other commitments)

* RachH unfortunately must leave now.

<RachH> Ed/Chris: We'll see you for lunch on Thursday,


<TheCacti> Bye, Rach. Thanks so much for being here--in

every way.

<TheCacti> And yes for Thursday.

<BillGawne> bye Rach

<RachH> Ed/Chris: Anytime.

<TheCacti> Ed waves, thinking fondly of brownies.

* RachH leaves a tin of brownies behind her on the way out.

* RachH waves and heads for the door.

*** RachH has quit IRC (No, there's nothing quite as real as the touch of your sweet hand....)

<GriffJon> Cacti: enchilada therapy?

<TheCacti> Just happens I'm going tomorrow (Chris).

<TheCacti> Yes, any time. My date tomorrow is with a pal, but I can't get enough of enchilada therapy.

<shadowcat> Fawn: e-mail is sent

<GriffJon> Cacti: I meant y'all w/ Rach and Phaed. I'll be back in Austin late August, we'll have to get together then

<treetop> {{{TheCacti}}} and then he departs with a Twinkie in his eye.)

<TheCacti> I gotcha. Yes, that would be great!

<TheCacti> We're going to change pilots now. CactusEd is back in control. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful support. It's meant more than I can type...

<BillGawne> Sure thing Ed.

<friday1> ed/chris: no matter what you believe, you don't lose your loved ones when they die ... if only because their memory always plays a part in how you live today. make that the good part

<shadowcat> np Ed

* BillGawne stands to depart, with another wave to Ed and

Chris. Take care good people.

<TheCacti> you are right on friday

<TheCacti> See ya Bill

* Ysidro quietly slips away for a moment

*** Ysidro is now known as Ys-BRB

* GriffJon must disconnect now. I really wish I knew what to say-- Ed, may you and Chris and Gloria all recover, my thoughts will be with you. The universe moves in mysterious ways.

<trishj> friday: well said.

<TheCacti> Thankss Jon

<TheCacti> ssttuttterin

<friday1> i have to go now, i wish you all love and something my dutch relatives call *sterkte* - the strength to carry on and make it right

<friday1> take care!

<TheCacti> Thanks friday1

* GriffJon salutes w/ his Big Bass Jew's Harp and goes to disconnect. Stay well, friends

<trishj> Bye, Friday.

*** GriffJon has quit IRC ("But now the time has come, and we must go away-- I to die, and you to live. Which is better is known only to the god alone." --Plato, Apology)

<Fawnn> shadow: just added the link to your page as "Annie" but as luck would have it, I can't do the ftp upload at the moment. Flaky isp (Decided to "do it now" and got snafu'd; it'll be up asap)

<friday1> bye

<shadowcat> Fawnn: understood

<shadowcat> mine went flakey when I tried to put my page up last night

<Fawnn> Ed: let us know when your pages are ready and we'll add those links as well (or I can send you the .htm file if you'd rather simply put her page on your

site; your wishes)

<TheCacti> I am better at being at being funny than I am at expressing my gratitude - but I want you all to know how much this has meant to us

<TheCacti> You are each and all the best

<trishj> We are and will continue to be Ed and Chris.

<trishj> Anytime you need in any form you need.

<Fawnn> I need to take off now {{{{{{TheCacti}}}}}}}}

<trishj> (I tell a mean joke, you know)

<TheCacti> I sure don't know how to say more without being mushy - I hope you all know what I mean

<TheCacti> Ok

<trishj> Gotcha. :)

<TheCacti> A Joke

<trishj> Are you telling one, or demanding one?

<TheCacti> no

<TheCacti> just wiping my eyes

<Zarathust> thank you for allowing me to be here with you, and thank you for sharing your beautiful stories and memories with me

<TheCacti> Thank You

<trishj> Awww...

* shadowcat and Alvin offer a round of hugs

<Zarathust> You have my deepest sympathies, I too have a hard time expressing how I feel, without getting mushy

<ElrikanIV> Ed/Chris, I sent you a couple of emails, the base page should be up within an hour or two, at 

* TheCacti accepts gladly

*** TheCacti is now known as CactusEd

<trishj> {{{{{{{Ed and Chris}}}}}}}

<trishj> I must head off. Thanks for sharing Annie with us. That was your gift.

<CactusEd> Thank you

<CactusEd> Thanks trishj

<trishj> Love to you both.

<CactusEd> You are a GEM

<trishj> Awww, no, just like to hang with the real thing. :)

<CactusEd> Hi Dr2B

<Dr2b> Hi Ed...just wanted to tell you how sorry I am.

*** CactusEd sets mode: +o Dr2b

<trishj> Ed and Chris: Anytime, just ring. Or beep. Or mail. :)

<CactusEd> Thank You

<trishj> Later, all!

Session Close: Tue Jul 15 18:17:05 1997

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