Angel's wings  

On July 15, 1997, two memorial services for Annie took place simultaneously. At 2:00 p.m. Pacific time, Annie's mother, brother, grandfather and friends gathered at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Ben Lomond, California. At the same hour, 4:00 Texas time, her father and stepmother at Cactus Hill hosted an online virtual memorial in a chat room called #Annie.

The Internet also filled an enormous need in allowing us to communicate quickly with so many people in a very effective way. E-mail is almost as fast as the phone, and it gives everyone time to catch one's breath and gain some composure. In every tragedy, people pour forth their love and compassion. Think of the bombing in Oklahoma City, and all the beautiful stories we've all heard of so many reaching out to help, to console, to remember—sometimes complete strangers. Annie's story has moved a lot of people, stunned with horror at her death, and touched by the sweetness of her life.

Share with us some of the gifts we received, gifts of love and friendship to help us through that difficult time: