Angel's wings
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Name: Sara
Date: 01/09/02

I will never forget riding our big wheels in her back yard when we were in first grade. She had an Incredible Hulk big wheel, which she lovingly called her "Green Machine". Annie was one of my first friends in life. I had my first ever sleep-over at her house off of highway 9. Annie and I forged a friendship in our early years that made a lasting impression. We lost touch once i moved out of the mountains and had to go to a different school. I ran into her with some mutual friends shortly before she died and she hadn't forgotten our friendship. We sat and talked for hours about our lives and our dreams. We were excited to have found each other again and vowed to stay in touch. Annie said laughing, "You have to come over so we can ride big wheels again." Unfortunately that chance never came and that makes me saddest of all. Annie touched so many lives and filled so many with joy. I am proud to have known such a noble heart and feel blessed to have had her as a friend. I miss her as everyone does. Annie, may your radiant spirit continue to inspire beauty and joy as you always did. Save a parking space in heaven for me and my big wheel! :) Love you.

Name: Sue Mustard
Date: 01/06/02

This certainly was a hard thing to deal with. I never knew Annie, but she seemed like someone who loved life. My heart and prayers go out to her family. Just put your trust in the Lord to help you through this tragedy. My prayers are with you.

Name: Annie's Mom
Date: 01/04/02

The Preliminary Hearing has been postponed once again.......the defense attorney couldn't make it to the date he requested....I'll let you know when a new date is set. Meanwhile, the main suspect is in the Madera County jail with $1,000,000 bail. Tracy Tavares, another suspect, is out on bail but has her trial in February. I have complete faith that the truth will come out and justice will be served. Too bad that can't make Annie come back. No matter what happens to the perpetrators, we who loved Annie are the ones with the life sentences. Please start writing a page-long statement about what Annie meant to you for the sentencing phase. The more letters to the Judge, the better. Take care and remember Annie's beauty and giving spirit.

Name: Azlinda Ahmad
Date: 12/01/01

My deepest sympathy to the family members and friends. I've once studied in California State University Fresno few years back. Never thought something like this could happen in a very peaceful town like FRESNO. May God will always be with all of you. Good idea of having a web page for Annie....with love,

Linda Ahmad

Name: Maria Garcia
Date: 11/17/01

Hello, I'm maria from fresno California. I'm the person who made the angle car wash picture for her I did it for all her close friends to have something to remember her by. I miss you Annie, sometimes when I'm doing things like going out of town or just having fun, I think of you and I feel bab because I wish you were here to enjoy things also. Because of you I have learned to value people more. You are the first person close to me that I have had die. I've learned that you must make the most of every moment with your love one's or friends while there still here. Never take anyone for granted. I miss you and hope to see you again.

Maria Garcia 737 E. Yale Freson, CA. 93704

Name: Alexa Petroff
Date: 11/05/01

To Andrea's parents: I am so sorry for your loss, and think that you have both shown immense strength for all that you've endured. I am shocked that I had not even HEARD about this case until this morning when I found a site by accident. I live in Tulare County, just south of Fresno and am an avid true-crime "investigator". I am also 20 years old and when I heard the details of your daughters case, it shook me to the core. I have an ex-boyfriend that is older than me and has been very abusive in the past. I got this sinking feeling reading about Andrea- a feeling that I could be subjected to the same fate if I try to be "friends" with my ex. I just wanted you to know, that because of your daughter's tragic story, I have decided to try and distance myself from my ex-boyfriend and work on bettering myself. I will be following Andrea's case until it ends, and god-willing, the ANIMALS who cut her beautiful life short, will pay for their crimes. You are in my prayers.

Name: Annie's Mom
Date: 10/24/01

The Preliminary Hearing was once again continued, this time to January 11, 2002. Apparently the defense was not ready. Traci Tavares has her Preliminary Hearing next Tuesday, October 30, in Fresno, for auto fraud charges. While it is difficult to endure these continual continuances......pray that justice will prevail and the truth will someday be known about all of this. Gloria

Name: Annie's Mom
Date: 10/18/01

The Preliminary Hearing is confirmed for Monday, October 22, 2001, at 9:30 am in Madera, Dept 2 If the hearing has to be continued from that day, it will be concluded on Friday, October 26.

Name: Annie's Mom
Date: 10/18/01

The Preliminary Hearing is confirmed for Monday, October 22, 2001, at 9:30 am in Madera, Dept 2 If the hearing has to be continued from that day, it will be concluded on Friday, October 26.

Name: Angela
Email: sbertram
Date: 10/13/01

What a beautiful young lady. I read through the stories and I am sorry for your pain and the pain she most have went through. I will pray for you and know that your Annie will always be with you.

Name: Annie's Mom
Date: 08/23/01

The new date for the Preliminary Hearing is October 22, 2001, at 9:15 am in Madera, CA.

Name: Annie's Mom
Date: 08/12/01

There has been another delay in the court hearing on August 20th.....I will post the new hearing date as soon as we have it Annie's Mom

Name: Lottie
Date: 07/15/01

In three hours it will be Annie's 25th birthday, I use to tease her that she was the oldest as her birthday was four days before mine. I want her family to know that she is missed and loved on her birthday and everyday. Don't ya just know how happy she is to have her own "Annies Way"? 2001 is looking up, with two arrests, the very successful walk, and Annies Way. I am looking forward to August 20th and hope Dayna and I can go to Madera for the beginning of the judicial process.

Name: Belinda Stidham
Date: 07/13/01

Just wanted you to know we were thinking of you on Annie's birthday. I know she is smiling down on you this day.

Name: Kesma
Date: 07/04/01

I miss her so much.

Name: Chris Born-Long
Date: 07/03/01

July 4, 2001, is the fourth anniversary of Annie's death, annually a difficult time for Annie's family and friends. This year is better than last, since finally we are encouraged by progress in bringing her killer to justice. That makes it a little easier to focus on this wonderful girl and what she added to each of our lives.

It's also comforting to reflect on the many acts of kindness and love that have come forth to remember Annie. Just this past week, the "street where she lived" was renamed Annies Way in her honor. You can read the whole story in the News & Notes section here in Annie's Place. While you're there, browse through the rest of the stories in that section. A few other new pages have just been added, and some new photos. You'll enjoy reading about our angel's legacy.

Annie's "Extra Mom"

Name: Annie's Mom
Date: 06/25/01

The Preliminary Hearing (where the prosecution presents its witnesses & evidence) has been set for August 20, 2001, at 9:30 am in Madera CA. I will be there, and I hope that the courtroom will be packed with Annie's friends...Gloria

Date: 06/21/01

I met Annie only once through a mutual friend Ruth. I'll never forget when we found out what happened to Annie. It felt so strange to know this happened to someone we knew, someone in our lives. I am so happy that Jay is finally caught and now things will finally have closure. I check back to this site often to hear the news on the case, but also because I'm a lot like Annie. I never see the bad in people and I'm a happy go lucky person. Anyhow, God Bless you all and Annie is in a better place.

Name: diane cadman
Date: 06/19/01

Your story touches me. I pray for peace in your hearts, and all others who miss Annie

Diane Cadman

Name: charity born
Date: 06/16/01

I didn't know Annie very well but she was my cousin and I wish I could of gotten to know her better.She seemed cool

Name: Mom
Date: 05/11/01

we have begun the court process...the defense filed a motion for incompetence for Jay Travis; at the hearing on May 4, he was found competent to stand trial, both by the doctors(2) and the judge...on May 10, they went back to court to set the date for the Preliminary Hearing...the defense asked for a postponement until June 18...we won't know for sure if it will happen then until June 14...the Preliminary Hearing is when the prosecution presents its case- the evidence and witnesses it has that point to the guilt of the defendant...I will be there, and if you want to go, let me know by e-mail and I will supply you with time, location, etc...all of the court proceedings will be in Madera, CA...the defendant must be present at the Preliminary Hearing...Gloria

Name: Tom and Nola Hall
Date: 05/03/01

(This was recieved on April 3, 2001) Dear Ed and Gloria,

We received numerous e-mails and phone calls about the arrest of Annie's murderer. You did a wonderful job of persevering on his arrest. This has to be a very difficult time for you reliving the horrors of what happened to your beautiful daughter and our friend. We will say our prayers that Travis never sees the outside of prison again.

Annie is missed every day by our family but we are glad that we did have her friendship and that we have lots of pictures of her. She matured so much from a sophomore in high school! She was kind and compassionate and would have been a wonderful teacher.

All of our love, Tom, Nola, and Colleen Hall and Annie Lewis

Name: Gloria Barnes
Email: gloria.barnes@co.santa-
Date: 04/24/01

I just browsed through the pictures from the SafePlace walk- thank you to everyone who participated in this continuing tribute to our girl. Looks like it was fun, too! Must have been that Angel on your shoulders! Annie's Mom

Name: Amanda Lemme
Date: 04/21/01

Hi, My name is Amanda, and I am Belinda Stidham's daughter in California. My mom speaks very highly of your family and I feel like I know you. Your website has really touched my heart. May God Bless your family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. I was also excited to hear that your team recieved 1st place this year at the walk! Congrats!!! Maybe next year I can fly down and walk with the team. Sincerely, Amanda & John Lemme Costa Mesa, CA

Name: Mary
Date: 04/05/01

I am so sorry to read this story of this young womans death. Such a short life. I want to extend sympathy to her parents. This is a beautiful website in your daughters honor. This world is full of all kinds of evil. Unfortunately much is left unsolved. Thankfully, her killer was found and will stay in jail. I know that our God does not let these things go unpunished, whether in this life or the one to come. He is faithful in His promises to us.

Psalm 130

Name: Karen Wulferdinger
Date: 03/26/01

I can still remember the night me, Sara & Erin Timms found out about Annie's murder. I work in news now, and often checked the news wires for any information on the case. Until now, nothing. I am releaved to know an arrest has been made, and I hope justice is served... It's been a long time coming.

Name: Kelly Morris
Date: 03/23/01

My mother called me this morning to tell me that they have finally arrested someone. I think of Annie so often.…her playfulness, her happy attitude. I worked with Annie at the ice cream shop and when I left for college, she said she would send me "fresh gummy peaches", one of our favorite candies at the shop. Although I visit Annie's web site frequently, I have never signed this guest book. I don't know what to say and words fail to express my feelings. Today when my mother called me to tell me the news, I was relieved, yet still so sad for Annie. I will miss her shining light and think of her often. Your family continues to be in my prayers. With Love, Kelly Morris

Name: Gloria Barnes
Date: 03/23/01

I am so relieved that finally some action is being taken. Pray that the perpetrator(s) are tried and CONVICTED. Be joyful that you knew our dear Annie. Love, Gloria AKA Annie's MOM

Name: Ed (Annie's Dad) Born-Long
Date: 03/23/01

After nearly four years of waiting for there to be a solid case - I am happy to tell all that Annie's killer is in jail for first degree murder. Her live-in boyfriend and former abuser J. Travis is now in the Madera County Jail. Thanks to all folks who have visited this site and left notes of love and support. Please sign this guest book while you are here. Love, Ed

Name: Jeremy
Date: 12/26/00

Hello, I am sorry to say that I never had the pleasure of meeting Annie, however a very close friend of mine brought me to this site, & I cannot deny just how much it has touched me - I feel the need to do whatever I can to aid you and your family, also, plese let me know when the next walkathon will be, and even though I live in Illinois, I will make sure to be on Annie's team. --May all your days be blessed, and I add whatever assistance I may give to help you continue to find out who did his unspeakable crime. Feel free to e-mail me, if you need anything. Blessed be, --Jeremy

Name: Sue Yelverton
Date: 11/13/00

Ed, Met you playing spades today. I am truly touched by you and Annie's mother to find the sick person(s) that did this to her. I will keep you all in my prayers and continue to check out the website for updates. By the way, I'm the GA peach that was your partner.


Name: Sue Yelverton
Email: y
Date: 11/13/00

Name: Dyanna
Date: 11/04/00


I met you a few years ago online on the Undernet... I was "bunnycat" at the time. Anyhow, I remember you fondly, and I just wanted you to know that I still think of you, your family, and Annie often. I continue to pray that there will be some news or resolution for you and your family. If you do remember me, drop me a line to let me know how you're doing. Otherwise, please know that you're all still in my thoughts and prayers.

With much love, Dyanna Pedroza

Name: Betty Restuccio
Date: 10/20/00

It is very sad that some people have no concience.. I pray everyday that these people come before us to admit that they have killed our children. I hope & pray that the day will come when we can have closure to these terrible deaths. Only God can know what & when it will happen.. I have to hold the faith and Annie's parents have to also. My prayers are with Annie's parents. Always & forever...

Betty (Mom of a 17 year old killed through greed)

Name: Julie
Date: 10/09/00

I was lucky enough to know Annie for 3 years. We met while living in the dorms together at Fresno State. I can do nothing but agree with all of the wonderful things that everyone has posted on here about her. She's so special and is in my thoughts all the time. Ed and Gloria you have so much to be proud of. She loved you more than anything.

Name: carolyn bronkar
Date: 09/27/00

I chanced upon Annie's site here and feel so much love that Annie must have felt when she was here...she was lovely and still is, and I will never forget her. Your site is a wonderful tribute to a special and beautiful soul.|

Name: Betty Restuccio
Date: 09/27/00

It is going on 3 weeks since my CJ passed on. It is still the hardest thing for me to go through. I pray that they find those guilty for Annie's untimely death as well as the people guilty for running my CJ off the road. Your Annie & my CJ are together in a better place then us. I know that for sure.. He is my Angel as Annie is yours. From one parent to another.....KEEP THE FAITH......Those with no guilt for what they have done, will pay with God's hand......I am holding onto the last hope that I have to get to the bottom of all of this... God Bless You.......Your Angel will help you when you least expect it.......*** HUGS*** Betty Restuccio...New Jersey

Name: Betty Restuccio
Date: 09/21/00

*tears* My heart goes out to Annie's family. My Son was 17 when he was run off the road only to lose his life. I am going to do a site in his memory also. He & another boy that I raised as my Son both lost their lives. You are in my Prayers.. Annie is an Angel that will always be with you. The hardest thing for a parent is to lose a child. I still shake wanting CJ to walk through the door. I will always ache for my Son. He was & always will be "MY BEST FRIEND" Always in my Prayers, Betty Restuccio New Jersey

Name: Jo Ann Ellis
Email: joann1ellis
Date: 08/18/00

I also had a brother that was murdered and it goes unsolved.

Name: Chris Born-Long
Date: 07/03/00

Tomorrow marks three years since Annie was murdered, and her killer still walks free. We continue to hold faith that this vile criminal will be brought to justice. Nothing will return Annie to us; we know that. Nevertheless, justice shall be served, no matter how long it takes. A murder case is never closed until it's solved.

Fresno, wake up! Someone out there must know something. Your governor has posted a $50,000 reward for information. Do the right thing.

Annie, we miss you so much, and we remember you always with love.

Your Extra Mom

Name: Jenn Mathie
Date: 03/28/00

I was a HOBY ambassador in 94 in Northeren Califorina. I do not remember Annie but I am sure her enthuisasim affected me. Reading her story has brought me closer to her. Thanks

Name: bette chwalisz
Email: bette@sarahmccullagh
Date: 03/19/00

Hello Ed and Chris, I think of you as you remember your girl. We do lots of talking and thinking about our precious Sarah who passed away August 24, 1999. This Wednesday we celebrate her 18th birthday. It makes me mad and so sad that she will be with us only in spirit. I have read through most of the cactus hill website especially about Annie. I am impressed with the tribute to a wonderful friend, daughter and woman. What a jewel. I know she blessed you and is still doing so with those memories. The photos show her to be like Sarah, in love with life. Thanks for sharing. Bette

Name: christyna serrabo
Date: 02/23/00

Hello. Whoa this is so weird. My name is christyna. Me and annie were friends in highschool, actually, we were inseperable for a little while during the summer before our senior year. Annie was 1 of my best friends. Actually it was when she started dating Kesma when I started seing less, and less of her. I miss her. All summer long 1994 we would go up and down the santa cruz beach boardwalk, looking cute and scamming for guys. This e-mail is probobaly not making sense. It's just crazy.. The last time I saw her was right b4 I transfered to Cal, I went and stayed with her in fresno for a couple of nights.. I remember she picked me up from the greyhound station and she was yelling and laughing at me to get in the car!! because I was screaming at this guy who was bothering me. She was like.. " Christyna,you can't go screaming at people in the city of fresno girl!" Right before I went to cal I paged her and let her know the news of my getting a track scholarship. A few months later like in August, I kept trying to page her and page her, call all her old numbers, but I could not get in touch with her. That christmas i went to sacramento and ironically saw a girl that we both had gone to highschool with (heather mateer). I said " where is Annie, I can't get in touch with her!" She looked at me with this weird look.. you didn't hear she said. Annie was murdered! I remeber just feeling my heart just drop to the floor. It could not be possible! I told my mom because annie was always over my house.. My mom was terrified, like no way.. she could not believe it either. Then my stepdad got online and found annie's sight. He told me about it, but no matter how hard I tried I could not find the sight. Now today feb 23, 2000 I found the sight. So now i just want to say, Annie. thank you for being such a great friend.. the summer of 1993 was one of the best summers i ever had and i thank you for it. I miss you, you used to crack me up, your mind was so sharp.. nobody could tell you nothin.. cuz you had a comeback (and good ones too!) for everything. I know that wherever you are, you are still trying to get to your highest self! Take care Love- Christyna

Name: Annie's Mom
Date: 02/14/00

It gives me great comfort to read these comments from Annie's friends and from those who never had the fortune to meet her. The investigation into her murder is now in the hands of experts from the California Dept. of Justice. If you can shed any light on the possible reason for her murder, please contact me. Elmo, who are you, and what do you know about that last day? Tony- do you know why Annie was trying to contact you that day? You can write to me(anonymously, if you want) at P.O. Box 644, Brookdale, CA 95007. I have confidence that this crime will be solved, but we need all the help we can get. It may be larger than we at first imagined. Gloria

Name: Jodi
Date: 01/22/00

Annie was a very pretty girl and I'm sorry she is now gone!

Name: RUTH


Name: RUTH

Name: Elmo

Hello. We haven't spoken for more than 4 years... its long overdue

I dunno what happen to us... but I think you outgrown me... u wanted a more "mature" lifestyle... not a "happy seasme street" fairytale... the real world is cruel and complex

Annie, you left this world with so many questions unanswered... I, along with so many others (as this web page indicates,) can not sort nor answer... why? because the truth is... you died while you were still seeking some of these answers too... on the night you died, I believe you wanted the truthful answer to a particular question that has been playing with your life for about 2 years... you wanted to know if it was possible to revert... to go back to the safe and innocent way you were living until you got entangled with the WRONG PEOPLE... you were determine to break this course of your life... that night, you asked your question... you demanded to know the answer... the sad answer was discovered 2 days later

To date, your case is unsolved. Forget sad. That is riddiculous.

As for me, I will remember you as you were to me... which is more than words can ever describe and purely between you and me only... <i>| Looking outside your window while ridding an airplane to visit your dad in Texas, you wrote me "Heaven better have clouds as beautiful as these or there's going to be trouble." For Heaven's sake, I hope the clouds are majestically marvelous. Goodbye AB|

Kathleen Thompson

What a beautiful way to cherish the memory of your beloved daughter and share your story of her life and unfortunate untimely death with the world. I hope I can be as strong when I am left to face the inevitable when my loved one passes away due to a terminal lung disease. I will always keep your beautiful, thoughtful memorial in mind. Thank you.

charmeine taft

What a site. I'm sure Annie loves it. The two of you have done a beatiful job. And the energy you two have put in safe house is inspiring. I admit I had a hard time going thru it knowing her. But the whole family did and there was silence and tears. I don't know what it's like to lose a child but I know what it's like to love a child. And I know with my personality I probly would've lived a life of seclusion. But you two didn't do that, and I'm very proud of you two. Danny and I love you guys and I know God is with you. I still remember when I met you two. Ed was working on the dollhouse for Annie. What a dollhouse that was, all the way down to the shingles. No dollhouse had a roof like Eds. It was beautiful. Take care you two and we love you.

Linda F.

Ed, What an inspiration you must be to the people you help. Your experience in losing your beloved and beautiful daughter is a powerful message to those who are in desperation. Who knows how many lives you may save with your assistance! You and your family's courage to handle your grief in such a constructive way is really admirable.

:) Linda

jasmine jones

Annie, my heart goes out to your family for the loss of a beautiful woman like you. I know that I didn't know you but I know someone who loved you very much. Your memories will always be in his heart. May you rest in peace, Annie. You will never be forgotten. -jasmine jones

Sara Timms

I look back on you as love Contained inside your flesh
With the beauty of your soul But the lifetime of a flower
Optimism your only burden You saw past darkened hearts
With fearlessness and laughter That echos your inspiration
Your smile in our memories Outlives the absence of your face
I find myself wishing your Soul to be back in your skin
But I remember your angels And imagine you with them
I see you puzzled at our Sadness, as you always were.

Michelle Resendez

I came across Annie's HOBY page while looking for other HOBY pages on the web. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. I never knew her personally, but I am a felllow HOBY alumni from the West Texas Seminar in San Antonio, Texas. We too lost a former ambassador and counselor who was killed in a car accident on her way to school. My best wishes goes out to your family. I know that the memories of the people you cherished most will always remain in your heart. May God bless.

Debi Goodner

I am a Social Work major at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas and I have been doing an internship at The Women's Shelter of East Texas and I just wanted to say that my prayers go out to you and being a victim of abuse myself, how sorry I am for your loss. God Bless You and Keep you!

Chris Born-Long

Just a quick note to our visitors: We're gearing up for the SafePlace Walk for Safe Families and Safe Streets in April, here in Austin, Texas, to raise funds in support of SafePlace. As she did last year, Annie's spirit guides us in this effort--the best way we know to honor her memory. If you're here in Austin, why not join Annie's Team and walk with us? It's a great vibe, and an important community effort.

Ed Born-Long

Christmas Eve Report - As of now her murder has not been solved. We look forward to this matter being completed and her murderer apprehended. No matter what the outcome, this will not bring Annie back. I warm at her memory. I always smile when I think of her, and I think of her often. Our work on behalf of SafePlace, in Annie's name, is the most positive thing that I can do. I hope you join me. If not a donation to SafePlace (or a battered womens center in your area) then perhaps in another way, try to make domestic violence STOP! Thank You.

Karen Stephens

WOW, Chris! You and Ed have done an incredible job on Annie's page. Seeing Portrait of Annie (again) and the photo from the Century Party moves me. Brianne and I got to meet Annie at that party; we remember her well & always remember the incredible amount of love that you and Ed shared with Annie. Thanks for putting your heart out there. It's awe-inspiring.



I just found this website. I'm glad somebody did this for Annie.


What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Annie with me. May God bless and justice prevail.

Christina M. Hill

I just have to say that these events are incredible. I feel empathy for the people who were close to Annie while she was here. May her angelic qualities shine on, and comfort people while we wait for justice to be served.

Name: Amanda Jackson
Date: 05 Aug 1998

Annie and I were in several plays together in junior high. She was a truly talented and kind person. I am so sorry that she is gone.

Name: Shawn Arnold
Date: 04 Aug 1998

I have know Annie for quite some time now.Through my sister we were able to become good friends. She was at my house so often, at times I thought she lived there. Ther was a time when Annie and I developed something more than friendship. As things do in life, it didn't work out. Though she resented me for it, I always thought of her as my friend. To you Annie: God took you for reasons we can't comprehend or begin to understand. I know where you are. I know you are with God. We all will miss you!!

I have known Annie for quite some time now; I still know Annie!!

Shawn Arnold

Name: Eryn Haschert  (Branagan)
Date: 03 Aug 1998

Annie and I went to school together from 2nd grade through 12th grade, and although we were never really close friends I always thought she was a wonderful person...She will be missed... To her family, especially Jesse, who has been a friend for many years, I offer this thought: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger. God Bless.....

Name: Cory Britton (Mahutga)
Date: 03 Aug 1998

I went to high school with Annie. She was a very sweet persoon. I am very sorry that this tragedy had to happen to such a wonderful young person. When I saw the ad in the Sentinel yesterday, I couldnt believe that this kind of thing had happened. I left SLV in my sophmore year, and I never kept in touch with the friends that I had there. Annie was a special person and I know that she will be deeply missed. My heart goes out to the family and the friends of Annie. I certainley hope that the police find this sick person who did this and prosecute them to the fullest. Thanks

Name: Shannon Arnold
Date: 02 Aug 1998

Annie and I were best friends for a lot of years.But then we did something we said we would never do, we let a guy come between us. I went on day to day never thinking anything like this would happen, so I unfortunately never had the chance to resolve it. I feel that I have made my peace with her in my own way, and I hope that wherever she is she forgives me for taking life for granted. We are here for such a short time, these petty grievances should never come between us. I will never forget Annie. She was truly a unique and wonderful person.There was a time when I loved her more than anyone, and those are the times that I will remember.

Date: 18 Jul 1998


Name: Judith J. Yerman
Date: 18 Jul 1998

I am a member of the "FIND THE KID FOUNDATION" and as such received a copy of your guest book entry from Noah and Samuel GIlbert's web site. We have been working long and hard to find and recover Noah and Sam. For you to have taken the time to sign their guestbook brought tears to my eyes and a huge hope that, some day, we will all be able to stop what is happening to our children. Annie's life is beautiful! Her death a tragedy beyond words. We weep for what you have endured in the loss of your beautiful daughter. Your web page is a lasting tribute to Annie's memory and reminder to all of us to keep fighting the fight, so that no other child is abducted, abused or murdered.

Keep the faith. You are strong and brave and Annie is surely among the angels, at peace!

If there is anything EVER that the "Find the Kid Foundation" can do in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My heart is full of pain right now...I pray that this vicious murderer is found so that your hearts will be at peace.


Date: 18 Jul 1998





Name: Nancy Gilbert
Date: 18 Jul 1998

I was horrified to read this account of the end of a little girls life...and touched that her family would take the time to sign my childrens guest book, to offer support in the search. God Bless all those who suffer these losses, and have the strengh to reach out in their anguish and offer help to others. And God Bless the children who are lost, while adults in power earning high salaries do little to nothing to stop these crimes against our children. It is a disgusting example of our countrys lack of true justice. We must fight the fight, and make the changes, and wake people up. We must not be silent. We must be the voice of our children.

Date: 17 Jul 1998

When someone who was to young too die
Is taken away without a reason why
The angels sing, the angels cry
The tears that fall are not tears at all
But memories that will never die

When angels cry there is no pain
Just a never-ending constant rain
Suffering, there is no more
Just glory and safety to all

When angels cry the whole world knows.
They gather the tears up like delicate petals from a rose
The scent from each one destroys all fears

When angels cry people try to understand
How someone too young could be placed under the great Creator's hand
The answer to this question may never be known.

When angels cry crystal tears
We glance up and have no fears
For that person who was too young to die
Is now also an angel
Singing their songs of mourning and crying their tears of memory
Up in the sky.

Author, Witchery

Name: Melody
Date: 17 Jul 1998

Hi, I came across this site surfing the web, and I am so glad I did! Please accept my sympathy. I will place a limk from my page! I am sure Annie is a angel above! 

Name: Dayna Rae Brown
Date: 12 Jul 1998

Annie was my best friend for 13 years. Thank you all for all the wonderful and moving comments about her. Im sure they mean a lot to her mother. Not a day goes by when I dont think about her, or miss her. Its nice to know others miss her as well. I miss you Annabelle. Love, Dayna

Name: Colleen Charcho
Date: 10 Jul 1998

Annie was one of the first people I meet when I moved to Ben Lomand. We grew very close throughout the years, then we both moved away to college. I often think I still see her around town or driving in her car on Hwy 9. I think of her all the time and I miss her kind heart. Gloria and Ed, I am so sorry this had to happen to such a beautiful girl. My prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for keeping us all informed. Annie...Thanks for the fun we had together. I love you! Love, Colleen

Name: Tony Parisi
Date: 09 Jul 1998

Annie and I were very good friends through high school. Towards the end I felt she was one of my best friends. I will never forget the smile on her face or the laugh that she made, and that's something nobody can take away from us. Annie (to me) was that kind of person you grow up with and you know that you will be friends for the rest of your life. I Love you and I miss you

Name: Todd Stubbs
Date: 09 Jul 1998

What a wonderful tribute to Annie!

Name: Joseph Oliver
Date: 09 Jul 1998

I will remember Annie in my prayers.

Joseph, Saint Thomas Episcopal Church Humboldt Tennessee

Name: Sara Wolstenholme
Date: 01 Jul 1998

Name: Tryna Morton
Date: 29 Jun 1998

I happened on this site by accident but once here couldn't leave until I had seen it all. My love, thoughts and prayers go out to you. I have every intention of doing 'my part' in your fight for answers and justice - I just hope it helps. Your Annie was a very special person and one I know who will live on with you forever. Thank you for sharing her with me. Tryna

Name: Cindy Garay
Date: 29 Jun 1998

Annie was my daughter, Katie's (now 8 years old) first babysitter. From the moment I placed Katie in Annie's arms I knew it would be a special relationship. They addored each other. When we moved to Tracy 3 years later, Annie said, you can't take my baby away from me. She was 17 and getting ready to go off to college a year later. And now she's been taken from us too soon. We will always miss her. I have a beautiful portrait of Katie at 3 years old because of Annie. I couldn't get Katie to smile at the camera for anything, so the next week I took Annie with us and every day now I see my Katie smiling (not at me) but at Annie in the enlargement I have in my bedroom. Thanks Annie! And to my friend Gloria - My heart goes out to you and to Jesse and to Ed. Keep fighting for justice! And let me know if I can help.

Name: Tracey Dean
Date: 22 Jun 1998

Name: Ed Born-Long (Annie's Dad)
Date: 21 Jun 1998

On this first Father's Day after Annie's death, I am full of great memories of nearly 21 years of being her father. It was a great gift and these memories will always comfort me. I am selfish enough to wish that it could have gone on so much longer. The crape myrtle that we planted in her memory last fall, is in full bloom today. This dad knows that she is still very much with me each day. Thanks to all who have left such nice tributes to her in this guest book.

Name: Donald E. Greco
Date: 15 Jun 1998

I have been moved by this. A tragic story but a very nice memorial. Thank You

Name: ttinkerbel
Date: 10 Jun 1998

I hope Annie's story will be the Lighthouse for many young girls to follow out of the dark situations they may find themselves in....

Name: Carolyn Kelly
Date: 01 Jun 1998

I never met Annie (or Ed), but have known Chris for a long time and shared her sorrow and outrage at this unresolved crime. My sister died at 23 and she, like Annie, was full of promise and life. I am impressed by the way Ed and Chris and Gloria and everyone involved have made something good and worthwhile and helpful to others out of their personal tragedy. This is a very selfless thing. I will continue to check the site for updates and my prayers for Annie and you will continue. Carolyn

Name: Deb Woodcock
Date: 20 May 1998

A recent acquaintance of Annie's mom, Gloria Barnes, I was heartbroken to hear of Annie's death.

I met Gloria through the Mount Holyoke Club of the Peninsula, and have added information about Annie to our Club's Web site with the hope of getting more folks to plead her case.

When Gloria handed me Annie's picture to add to the Web site, I said "Beautiful girl." Gloria paused, then replied, "Inside and out."

My heartfelt condolences to all Annie's friends and family.


Name: Kevin Tynes
Date: 05 May 1998

Ed - Talked to Chris today and she reminded me of the WebSite. Chris tells me that you're able to smile when you think of Annie. That in and of itself speaks volumes of both her and your character. I hope that Margarita and I can visit CactusHill next time we're in Austin. Take care. kevin

Name: Jeanie Crandall
Email: Garnet2520
Date: 10 Apr 1998

I am truly sorry about Annie. She looked so beautiful and so vital. It makes me ill to think someone harmed her. I will help all that I can and do what you suggested to speed the investigation up, I hope they catch the person responsible for her demise.

Name: Les Vincent
Date: 01 Apr 1998

As a parent (of five) I hate tor imagine how I would ever cope with the horror Gloria & Ed have to deal with. I think this site is just amazing. Unfortunately we experience dreadful crimes in our country (Australia), hopefully the organisations that may benefit from the attention they now receive, will ultimately make a difference, and break the cycle that seems to run our society today.

Name: Annie's Mom
Date: 05 Mar 1998

Annie was the most special child I can imagine. From the time she was a tiny girl, she had amazing insight and talents. She was always a joy to me, as she was to most people she met. I treasure the memories of time we shared, and I feel that I was the luckiest because I got to be her Mom, to know her throughout her entire childhood. I feel very much robbed, because we will never get to see what this amazing young woman would have accomplished in her adult life, after the stunning achievements she made in her short life. I hope that all of you who knew Annie will write to me or her Dad and tell what she meant to you, so that when whoever ended her life is finally brought to justice, it will be known just how much has been stolen from us. She was my best friend, and everything anyone could ever want in a daughter. I will miss her for the rest of my life.

Name: annie
Date: 19 Feb 1998

i'm so sorry for your loss. I didn't know annie, but we share the same name. Tonight i attended "college night" at my daughter's high school . In about one and a half years I will be sending gabriella out into the world, to college and I don't feel ready for her to leave home. She will be fine, I have to believe that. Check out the "former" ? boy'friend'. He is a red flag here. best wishes and may justice prevail.

Name: Peschua
Date: 13 Jan 1998

I came upon Annie's site linked to the #callahan's bulletin. I've not joined in "the Place" yet, but can see clearly that truly..."shared pain is diminished, shared joy is increased..." Dear God above, though what comes around goes around, please expedite your wrath. Annie would surely have been a joy to have known. I am filled with the darkest recesses of night for you but know that the positive has already touched those surrounding your space...As I spent all of my summers in and around Kerman and Fresno and Madera, etc. growing up, I know the warmth of the are never alone. I wish thee the joy of knowing love that we hear if we listen, when the wind blows singing the songs of angels' hues...Peschua.

Name: Mike Francis
Date: 30 Dec 1997

Annie was a good friend of my step-daughter Christyna Serrano. They went to SLV high school together. When Annie would come by to pick up Christyna to go out she was always full of life. My heart goes out to you - as I have three daughters myself. Mike Francis Issaquah, Washington

Name: Cathi Guilford
Date: 16 Dec 1997

I was going through the Santa Cruz Sentinel on line when I came across Annie's web page. I did not know Annie but my dad,Will Guilford teacher at San Lorenzo Valley Junior High did. My brother Billy also went to school with her. I just want to say keep the faith, and hopefully soon the killer will be found. -Cathi-

Name: Marty LaCross
Date: 10 Dec 1997

I am glad to be made aware of Annie, unfortunately, there are so many innocent ones, just like Annie, and the children that are abused and murdered, some times at the very hands of their parents. I am an adamant suppporter here and for the fight against child abuse. I am a survivor of child abuse, and still carry that raging fire in my soul. Thank you for sharing Annie with us, I too, am a member of the LOTH. I am a nurse, but also an avid solo cross country motorcycle rider.

Thanks again for caring and sharing. Knightgale

Name: Howard Wu
Date: 07 Dec 1997

I am sorry to learn that you lost your lovely daughter. Things like thing never should happen to anyone, especially not somebody who has such a bright future in front of her. My prayers with you all.

Name: Bob Frost
Date: 04 Dec 1997

Name: Pat Long
Date: 01 Dec 1997

What a wonderful tribute you have made to Annie. After one year of being Annie's "Big Sister" we decided we were matched for life - it was supposed to be much, much longer. I am blessed to have had Annie in my life. She taught me a great deal about love. I always felt that I got so much more from the relationship than she did and it was such a surprise, a bonus. She was truly a gift.

Name: Rosemary Cress
Date: 18 Nov 1997

We attended church with Annie at St. Andrew's in Ben Lomond, and she babysat for my two children. Her light will live on in the lives of those she touched with her warmth, humor and intelligence. Thank you for the website which celebrates Annie's life.

Name: Anders Johansson
Date: 15 Nov 1997

Millions of hugs and love to all of you hurting ppl

Name: sharon mnich
Date: 12 Nov 1997

What a lovely website -- a very special tribute to a wonderful young lady.

Name: Toni Brown
Date: 31 Oct 1997

Ed, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. To lose a child is hard enough, to lose one violently is tragic.

Name: carol wicks
Date: 31 Oct 1997

hiya..... just talked to you last night..this is a very emotional home page ed and i cannot even comprehend your agony......God bless you and your family......i pray this demon is caught and executed.

Name: Extra Mom
Date: 26 Oct 1997

Annie always called me her Extra Mom, and she was my Bonus Daughter. I miss her very much. Chris Born-Long

Name: Colleen Hall
Date: 21 Oct 1997

I just wanted to say that I love what you have done for Annie with all of these pictures. It really helps to be able to come visit this web site and see her smiling face all over it. She was such a special person and I'm happy to know that she will always be and happy.

Name: Annie Hall-Lewis
Date: 07 Sep 1997

I used to tease Annie that she stole my name. I'm sorry she is gone. She was a great person to be around.

Name: Neal Moody
Date: 06 Sep 1997

That is a tragike thing that happend to your daughter! I really do hope that the so called Court well speed up and find that killer! But doesn't seem odd to you that her boyfriend and her would leave and not show up to the barbague? I really do think that her boyfriend killed her! Just think about it. She left with him and those 2 were never seen again. At least she wasn't! But anyways I feel so sad now after reading that, that my prayers are with you all!



Name: Nola Hall
: 05 Sep 1997

We have lots of pictures of Annie. If you would like copies please send your address. We worked with Annie in HOBY. Our daughter Colleen was a good friend.

(Click here to learn more about Annie's HOBY activities.)

Name: Charlie Wise
Date: 03 Sep 1997

I knew Annie from HOBY as a counselor and with the HOBY alumni group

Name: Jynni Shreve (formerly Bailey)
Date: 26 Aug 1997

Chris and Ed, thank you for inviting me to your web site. I have enjoyed learning more about your lovely Annie. You truly are surrounded by good friends and a loving family. My thoughts are with you. And Chris, I promise to guard my daughter well and educate her in life and love. as you've asked. Jyn!