Hanging plant

EmilieYou've arrived at Emilie's Place, dedicated to our beautiful daughter. In 2002 Emilie returned to Ed's life after a 30-year absence (read the story here), and we've been making up for lost time ever since.

Em grew up in the Rockies of northern Colorado. In July 2011 she moved to Texas and came to live with us at Cactus Hill. After her first balmy, snowless winter here, she's already a devoted Texan.

PlantOur four grandchildren, Emilie's kids, still live in Colorado—a bit too far away from their Mom, but everyone keeps in touch. And there's more! Our granddaughter Stephanie is proud mother to Jonathan, our first great-grandson, born in 2005. Grandson Paul has also produced another generation, twin boys Marcus and Austin, born in 2010. Please visit Our Family in Colorado and meet the grands and the greats.

Emilie works as a waitress and bartender in Bastrop. In her short time in Texas, she has already made many new friends and is enjoying an active social life.

Emilie loves working with plants and dreams of forming a business to raise and sell plant arrangements. In the meantime, her little cottage is filled with the beautiful greenery she brought with her from Colorado. Some of her plants are as old as her children. She also tends to our gardens, a service much appreciated by brown-thumbed Chris.

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