Emilie's Place
Emilie has been taking some beautiful photographs that capture the essence of Colorado's North Park. She also has created some lovely paintings inspired by her surroundings. 

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05-northpark.JPG (107249 bytes)
North Park
04-butterflies.jpg (105484 bytes)
Butterflies and daisies
02-wheel.jpg (153271 bytes)
Wood and stone
01-horses.jpg (165840 bytes)
Harmony of horses
07-cabin.jpg (163579 bytes)
Woodland cabin
03-deer.jpg (151150 bytes)
06-flowers.JPG (117177 bytes)
Field of flowers
08-downwood.JPG (188327 bytes)
Whirl of wood
09-mushroom.JPG (88881 bytes)
Giant mushroom
10-treetrunk.JPG (238733 bytes)
Tree trunk
11-bear1.jpg (108854 bytes)
Encounter with a bear
leaves03.jpg (51977 bytes)
mountains.jpg (31088 bytes)
tree.jpg (27433 bytes)
Tree in snow

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