Cactus Hill Art Gallery

Maruja Gonzales


This beautiful and elegant lady lives in San Miguel de Allende and was a friend of the Longs. Anne Long taught English to Maruja, and Maruja taught Spanish to Anne. From that friendship this painting was born, a wonderful combination of still life, portrait, and beautiful background. The painting now lives with Chris's cousin Sherry and is greatly treasured.

In April 2009, we were so surprised to receive an email through this website from—you guessed it—Maruja herself. She had lost track of the Longs and decided to follow a friend's suggestion and check on the internet. We have since exchanged several warm and cordial messages.

The drape in the background is another product of Yankeebush Workshop, Long's fabric design and silk-screening business in the late 1940s. You first saw one of these designs, Hare and Finch, in another painting earlier in this gallery.