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San Miguel de Allende: Rooftops from the Palomar

San Miguel de Allende

It all started with a vacation trip. Some dear old friends had a home in San Miguel de Allende in the mountains north of Mexico City. Anne and Bob Long went for a visit in the summer of 1967—just three short weeks. Robert Long was immediately smitten. The colors, the sounds, the vitality of this small colonial city awakened the artist's spirit. In that brief time Robert Long made thirty paintings, bursting with life and passion. By the time the Longs returned to Chicago, they had made up their minds. And thus began what was unequivocally the most productive and exciting period in Bob Long's professional life.

In this collection you will find many paintings of life in San Miguel. Almost all of them have been sold to loving owners around the world. The family retains a precious few. This one is the view from the Longs' first residence in San Miguel, an apartment building called the Palomar, perched high on the hill overlooking the city.