Cactus Hill Art Gallery

Making The Bed

Making the Bed

Oil on canvas, 38"x30"

The intimist legacy of French painting is apparent in this glimpse of a nude, relaxed and unposed in the privacy of her bedroom. She is swathed in light, and the decorative patterns of the wallpaper and bedclothes are lively foils to her flesh. The quilt is a bright adjunct to the more subdued color and rhythm of the woman and to the spirit of the interior. The contrast between the quilt and the lower torso and the delicate dialogue between the upper body and the light wall pull the entire scene together.

(Program notes from "The Seasoned Eye" exhibition)

This painting was purchased by an AARP member who fell in love with it when he saw it in the magazine. More than 60 others felt the same way and bought prints made from the painting.