DiggerDigger comes from the high country. Emilie adopted him from the Laramie (Wyoming) Animal Shelter to be her companion in her early single days. He's a Welsh corgi mix. When Em moved to Cactus Hill, Digger was by her side. Now Digger is mostly by Teddy's side. The two are constant companions. They're about the same age—about 2 when they met in 2011. They look like Mutt and Jeff, with Teddy's long legs and Digger's short ones. Nevertheless, Digger keeps up just fine.

Digger loves Texas just as much as Emilie does. He especially loved a trip to the Gulf Coast, where he took to the ocean like a native. Look at him in the photo below, ears flying as he frolicks in the surf.

Digger at the beach Digger Digger

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