MaxBorn in 2001, Max is a grey tabby just a couple of months younger than Xena, and they have grown up together. Max is another SafePlace rescue. One evening a friend there noticed Max crawling under a truck. Concerned that the little kitten would climb up on the engine block and be in danger when the truck started up, she crawled under the truck (in full business dress) and fished him out. She showed him to Ed, and a bond formed immediately.

Max is easily the most photogenic and camera-loving critter we've ever had. His baby photos are legendary. He has an gorgeous set of whiskers, full and elegantly arched. Every time Max sees a camera headed his way, he strikes a pose.

Max is loving and sweet to everyone in our household, but when you get right down to it, he's Ed's kitty all the way.

Baby Max

MaxBaby Max

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