Original houseAt the end of that first six months we moved into the shell of our house—finished outside, but open studs inside. We retrieved from storage only the most necessary furniture—our beds, a small table and a couple of chairs. Over the next three years we juggled our full-time jobs with part-time construction. Our furniture shared space with stacks of drywall and rolls of insulation, with everything moving around as needed to clear the way for new walls, flooring, painting, etc. Many good friends contributed their labor and expertise. Many weekends were partly construction and partly just hanging out with our pals. Everyone loved coming to Cactus Hill. It was easy to find good help for the price of a burger cooked over an open fire, and of course a few beers. It was a long, hard project, but well worth the effort.

A couple of years after completing work on the house, Ed built our "barn"—actually a shop with loft storage above.

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